Welcome to Michael's Amusements
Welcome to Michael's Amusements

Michaels Amusements Upgrades to LED lighting!

We are proud to announce that we are near completion of upgrading all of our lighting systems from traditional incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED modules.  LED lighting is more efficient then incandescent lighting as it draws less power and helps save on fuel burned by our generators.  As a result, our generators work less hard and omit less exhaust into the atmosphere.

Aside from the green affects LED lighting has on our environment, LED lighting is much brighter and the effects the lights have on each of our rides is astonishing.  With LED lighting, our rides can be seen from miles away and produce light shows that will dazzle our guests. 

Below are just a few photos of some of our LED upgrades.  Visit a Michaels Amusements carnival near you soon and check the new LEDs out for yourself!

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