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So much fun to Freak Out over!
Flying High...
Thrill rides like the Vertigo give riders a
birds eye view of the midway below them!
Shining Bright
at Night!
Rides & Attractions
Freak Out
Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them.  As the claw begins to rotate, the pendelleum swings back and forth.  Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!
Full Tilt
The Full Tilt is a high flying carpet ride that whisks riders vertically 50 feet in the air before bringing them back to the ground.  As the gondola moves from left to right, riders experience a weightless sensation.
Musik Express
The Musik Express is an exciting thrill ride that spins at 11.5 RPM for exciting big-ride action at a speed which thrills everyone.  The Musik Express is known for playing loud music while riders ride!
Sea Ray
The Sea Ray is a spectacular giant swinging ship that swings riders back and forth up to 50'' in the air.
Super Shot
The Super Shot is a 90 foot tall drop tower that DROPS and PROPELS you toward the ground!  Riders are secured safely using over the shoulder harnesses and the gondola is slowed using a fail-safe electromagnetic breaking system.
The Vertigo is a 60 foot tall swing tower that swings riders out and over the midway with their feet dangling below them.  The height of the ride in combination with the wind blowing in your face will add to the thrill of the experience!
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