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So much fun to Freak Out over!
Flying High...
Thrill rides like the Vertigo give riders a
birds eye view of the midway below them!
Shining Bright
at Night!
Rides & Attractions
The Casino is a unique thrill ride that spins riders forward and backward on a giant turntable.  As the turntable spins, the turet in the center of the ride rotates in the opposite direction making the turntable have a wave motion.
Cliff Hanger
Riders experience a hang gliding sensation as the Cliff Hanger glides riders over the midway while laying in their own personal hang glider.
Fun Slide
Our Fun Slide isn’t an ordinary playground slide.  Our slide is over 65'' long and has three lanes so that riders can race to the finish.
Loop O Plane

The Loop O Plane has two 16-foot long arms, each with an enclosed car at one end and a counterweight at the other. Each car holds four riders seated in pairs facing opposite directions. Propelled by an electric motor, the arms swing in directions opposite to each other until they ''loop'' taking the riders upside down.

Monkey Maze
The Monkey Maze will delight everyone in the family!  This double-decker glass house is sure to please - stop at the top deck and take a picture, then slide your way to the bottom to exit.
The Scooter, also known as the Bumper Cars, gives drivers the right to crash into their friends without penalty!
The Screamer is a high flying looping attraction that lifts riders over 50ft above the ground.  Riders are secured using over the shoulder restraints.
The Sizzler is a classic thrill ride that features three spindles with four vehicles on each.  As the center of the ride begins to spin, the spindles also rotate giving riders a sizzling experience!
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