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So much fun to Freak Out over!
Flying High...
Thrill rides like the Vertigo give riders a
birds eye view of the midway below them!
Shining Bright
at Night!
Rides & Attractions
Barrel of Fun
Each oversized open top barrel seats a family of four comfortably. As the center of the ride slowly rotates, riders can control the spin speed of their barrel using the giant turntable inside.
Circus Train
The Circus Train is a circus themed childrens train ride featuring bright colors, animals, and all things you can find at the circus!
Kids love the friendly prehistoric dinosaurs on the Dinosaur Ride.  Each of the different dinosaurs move up and down as they rotate around the track.
Rev your engines - ready set go!  Kids love our Dragster kiddie ride.  The Dragster is a one of a kind attraction and can only be found on a Michael''s Amusements midway.
Flying Dragon
The Flying Dragon is a kid version of our giant Sea Ray swigning ship.  Young children love this tot sized childrens ride as it swings back and forth.
Go Gator
The Go Gator is arguably one of the most popular kiddy rides on our midway. Kids love our friendly aligator themed roller coaster which features dips and hills that are just the right size for the little ones!
Kiddie Boats
Sail away on this miniature boat ride.
Kiddie Scrambler
The Kiddie Scrambler is a child size version of the age old classic Scrambler ride.
Motorcycle Jump
Junior bikers love the Motorcycle Jump.  Riders are able to control the horn on their motorcycle as they pop wheelies and go over a jump!
Riders are able to control the spin of their ride vehicle using the turn table in the middle.  As the ride begins to spin, the vehicles slowly move outward.
Super Heros
Kids can pick their favorite super hero to ride on and let their imagination wander!
Umbrella Combination
The Combo Kiddie Ride is a tame ride for children.  It features a combination of dune buggies, sports cars, and a fire truck.  It is a simple ride that spins in a continuous circle.  The children love this ride because they can honk the horns on any of the vehicles.
Wacky Shack
The Wacky Shack is a fun filled fun house attraction complete with moving floors, rubber band maze, punching bags, trick mirrors, and a rotating barrel!
Willie the Whale
Children love this sea themed attraction.  The miniature whales ride along a wavy track, similating whales swimming through the ocean.
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