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So much fun to Freak Out over!
Flying High...
Thrill rides like the Vertigo give riders a
birds eye view of the midway below them!
Shining Bright
at Night!
Rides & Attractions
Expo Wheel
Our Giant Wheel is one of the focal points of our midway and gives riders a birds eye view of the midway and surrounding area.  Each of the gondollas seat up to four passengers.  At night, the wheel lights up with thousands of multi color computer controlled flashing lights for a spectacular light show that can be seen from miles away.
Merry Go Round
The Merry-Go-Round is a classic attraction on any midway.  Kids love to choose their favorite horse to ride on or adults can ride on the stationary chariot.
Musical Chairs
The Musical Chairs is a family swing ride that seats children to adults.
Orient Express
The Orient Express is a family roller coaster that seats both kids and adults.
Kiddie Rides
Family Rides
Major Rides
Spectacular Rides
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